Low-Impact Wood Floor Refinishing

The Wood Floor Refinishing Options that are Faster, Safer and Easier on Homeowners

Ask the artisan experts at Andersen Wood Floors about our dust free and low-VOC wood floor finishing services in Omaha, Nebraska.

Andersen Wood Floors is a hardwood flooring contractor serving the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. We specialize in dustless wood floor refinishing and low-VOC floor finishes. 

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Andersen Wood Floors offers the following wood floor services that make the process safer for your family, better for the environment, and allow you to walk on your new floors faster.

Low-VOC Wood FLoor Finishes

Andersen Wood Floors uses a variety of new wood floor stain and sealant products that contain fewer harmful fumes. Many are ready to walk on faster, and perform with greater durability than their traditional chemical or solvent-based counterparts.

Dust-Free Wood Floor Refinishing

Our dustless wood floor refinishing service results in less mess and fewer allergens for homeowners, and the quicker cleanup time means your project is finished faster. Our dust-free refinishing process removes dangerous dust to a special collection unit, so no harmful particles can remain in your air or settle in your home.  

Prefinished Wood Floor Installation

Andersen Wood Floors offers prefinished wood floor installation, where the finishing process takes place off site. Your prefinished floors can be complete in a single day, so you’re not out of your living space for too long. And no mess is left behind!

Environmentally Friendly Flooring 

For homeowners looking to ‘go green,’ there are many beautiful, environmentally-friendly wood flooring products and alternatives on the market. Andersen Wood Floors can advise you on choosing quality, natural flooring products such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, or sustainably harvested wood. 


About Low-VOC Finishes 

Some wood floor sealants can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are toxic chemicals that can leave harmful fumes in the air. Compared to these chemical-based finishes, low-VOC floor finishes are better for the environment and produce fewer fumes, which many people are sensitive to.  

Low-VOC, water-based wood floor finishes have advanced over the last few years, and are proven to perform as well or better than those made with petroleum or chemical solvents.  Many water-based finishes are now even more durable than their oil-based predecessors. They’re also easy to apply, fast to dry, and their toxic chemical content is far lower. 



About Hardening Impact Oils

A hardening impact oil finish penetrates a thin layer of the wood floor surface and then hardens the material. It repels water and has higher durability than other types of finishes.This innovative product fortifies and protects your wood floor from within, without the harmful fumes of traditional petroleum or solvent-based finishes.

The product we use is the Loba HS 2K ImpactOil that is based on 100% natural vegetable oils, contains no solvents, water or waxes. It is available in transparent or 10 designer wood floor color options, and has a beautiful satin sheen.  Loba ImpactOil is recommended for use in high traffic areas. Thanks to its excellent water resistance, this finish is also suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms that are exposed to high humidity. 

Call Andersen Wood Floors at 402.690.5796 for your free wood floor consultation and estimate. Ask about our low-VOC or dust-free wood floor refinishing services. We look forward to creating happiness you can live on!





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