Refinish Wood Floors Instead of Replacing Them

Why You Should Refinish Your Wood Floors Instead of Replacing Them

Andersen Wood Floors in Omaha, Nebraska offers artisan hardwood floor repair and refinishing services that increase the beauty and value of your home.

At Andersen Wood Floors, we want you to love the character and charm that your unique hardwood floors have to offer.  Here are the many reasons to consider refinishing your wood floors instead of replacing them. 


It is more cost effective to have your hardwood floors refinished by professionals rather than replacing them - to the tune of a few thousand dollars!  To many homeowners (and homebuyers), wood floors are a sign of quality and added value. Refinishing your existing wood floors not only restores their lustre, it saves you money and increases the value of your home.  


The majority of wood floors, regardless of age, can be repaired and refinished by our skilled wood flooring contractors. During the wood floor resurfacing process, old and scratched, stained, scuffed or damaged floor boards and sections of flooring can be repaired and blended in to match your existing wood floor.  If your floor was more recently installed, a refinishing service protects your investment by making your floors’ finish look like new again, without you having to start over.   

Andersen Wood Floors Is Your Trusted Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Omaha, Nebraska

We provide free estimates for all our wood floor installation, sanding, scratch repair and refinishing services.  Ask about our dustless wood floor refinishing service - for a faster project that is allergy-friendly and virtually mess free!

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Andersen Wood Floors takes a true craftsman approach whether we’re restoring old floors or refinishing new ones. According to the style authorities at HGTV, today’s homeowners go wild for wood floors with the following characteristics. Lucky for you, the artisan experts at Andersen Wood Floors specialize in all of them! 

  • Custom finishes and stains in darker colors
  • Highlighting naturally-occurring elements of the wood, such as knotholes and unique wood grains  
  • Floors, walls and wood accents created from barn wood, reclaimed wood, and unique logs and beams
  • Green flooring made from sustainable, environmentally-certified wood products
  • Water-based, oil-based or specialty finishes, depending on the homeowner’s preferences and lifestyle
  • Artfully-crafted wood floor designs, including parquet, inlaid mosaics and starbursts, or unique borders and edges

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