Wood Floor Maintenance, Recoating and Repair

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful with Proper Maintenance, Recoating and Scratch Repair

Choose Andersen Wood Floors, one of the top wood floor contractors in Omaha, Nebraska, for quality hardwood floor restoration and personalized service.

The wood floors in your home require occasional maintenance to keep them looking great. Andersen Wood Floors specializes in hardwood floor repair and maintenance for the most common issues, including water damage and surface scratches. 

As an artisan hardwood flooring contractor, we offer wood floor recoating, buffing, light sanding, refinishing, and scratch repair services for homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding area. 

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What's Under Your Carpet?

When you need to repair a damaged wood floor, Andersen Wood Floors offers wood floor maintenance, resurfacing and scratch-filling services to keep your floors looking great.

We Specialize in Hardwood Floor Restoration

Over time, your wood floors can take a beating. Whether you have pets, children or heavy-traffic areas, the finish on your hardwood floors can dull after years of use. The changing seasons we experience in Omaha, Nebraska can alter the humidity levels in your home, wreaking havoc on floor boards. Damage from water leaks, spills and stains also takes a toll on your floor’s finish. 
If your wood floors look like they’re in need of some TLC, don’t worry! Your hardwood floors can be restored to their original luster with simple maintenance services or refinishing by the professionals at Andersen Wood Floors.
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Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Hardwood Floors

Daily Sweep or dust mop your floors
Weekly Vacuum using the bare wood floor setting
Monthly Clean your floors only with recommended wood floor cleaning products
Every 3-5 Years Have a professional contractor assess moisture damage, repair scratches and recoat your floors with a maintenance coat
Every 10-15 Years Sand and refinish your hardwood floors to restore the finish and durability
As Needed

Repair and recoat any damaged, stained or scratched areas


Common Causes of Wood Floor Damage »

  • Leaky appliances or plumbing leaks can result in water damage to your floors. 
  • Windows with failing seals or other water issues can also cause stains or damage to floorboards.
  • Scratches or gouges on your floors can be caused by heavy foot traffic, pets’ nails, high-heel shoes with broken heels, or by sliding furniture without proper felt pads on the bottom. 

Repairs for Hardwood Floor Scratches »

Did you know? Walking in high heels with an exposed heel nail will exert enough impact to dent the floor surface.

The good news is, most scratches will occur in your floor’s finish and not in the wood itself. Surface scratches can be repaired with a simple maintenance coat. Andersen Wood Floors lightly sands your floor’s finish and then applies a new coat to restore the shine and offer long-lasting protection. 

For scratches that are deeper and in the wood,  Andersen Wood Floors can sand and refinish the floor.  Our wood flooring professionals are trained to use special equipment that removes just a small amount of the flooring material to make repairs. After the scratches are removed, a new coat of finish is applied to make your floor look like new again.


Care Tips for Your Wood Floors »

  • Only use recommended cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood floors. Do not use vinyl or tile cleaners, or self-polishing waxes.
  • Put throw rugs at all entryways and heavy traffic areas to prevent scratches. 
  • Wipe up spills immediately. If you have wood flooring in the kitchen, place an area rug at the kitchen sink to catch spills and drips.
  • Maintain moisture and humidity levels in your home to prevent your floor boards from cupping or gapping. Use a humidifier throughout the winter months. Keep the environment in your home consistently between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and at 30-50% humidity throughout the year. Significant fluctuations outside of these ranges can result in damaged floors.
  • Never wet mop or steam mop your hardwood floors because it can dull the floor’s polish or finish, and damage the wood.
  • Avoid walking in sports cleats or high heels when on your wood floors, as broken heels can cause significant dents and scratches. 
  • Put felt protector pads under the legs of all furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. Don’t forget to replace these pads regularly because dirt and debris can build up on the pad, which will scratch the floor surface. When moving heavy furniture, pick it up instead of sliding it across your wood floor.

Call Andersen Wood Floors for Happiness You Can Live On

In addition to wood floor refinishing, installation and maintenance services, Andersen Wood Floors offers custom design services to help you choose the wood flooring products that will maximize the beauty and value of your home.  A convenient hardwood floor showroom in Omaha, Nebraska allows you to select from a variety of wood floor stains, finishes, styles and design options. We value your family’s neverending happiness, and offer the highest quality wood floor refinishing products and services. 

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