Prefinished Wood Floor Installation

Andersen Wood Floors Offers Expert Prefinished Wood Floor Installation in Omaha, Nebraska

Prefinished or factory-finished hardwood floors come with the finish already applied, meaning less mess and a faster flooring installation.

Factory-finished wood floor installation projects are virtually mess free and noise free.  Installing a prefinished wood floor creates a minimal amount of dust in your home, and requires less time to install because the sanding and finishing process has already happened at the manufacturer's facility.  An added benefit is that you’ll be able to walk on your new, prefinished floors immediately after they are installed because there is no onsite drying or curing time needed.

Did you know? Andersen Wood Floors specializes in more than just floors. We can install specialty wood accents to complement the hardwood flooring in your home. Contact our craftsmen about using reclaimed wood, wide-plank ceilings, paneling or wood accent walls in your home.  

Wood floors are extremely durable. They can stand up to your family’s busy lifestyle, and will continue to increase the beauty and value of your home for decades. 

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Choose from a wide variety of  prefinished flooring options

Wood species are rated for hardness and durability. As a general guide when comparing species of wood flooring, the harder the wood, the longer lifespan of the wood. Typically, the most durable wood flooring products will be made from hardwoods like Walnut, Brazilian Cherry or Hickory. Medium hardwood species include, Maple, Oak and Ash wood flooring.  Birch and Pine wood floors will be the softest, and may scratch or dent more easily compared to other species of wood. However, all solid hardwood flooring can be repaired and refinished, should it start to wear or show damage.
There are many color and style options available in factory finished or prefinished floors.  For the highest level of customization, contact Andersen Wood Floors to install, sand and finish your new wood floors on site.

Andersen Wood Floors is proud to partner with quality flooring vendors, The Master’s Craft and INTERMOUNTAIN Wood Products. During the initial wood flooring design process, Andersen Wood Floors’ experts can help you determine the products that work best for your lifestyle, home and budget.  Andersen Wood Floors’ vendors both have showrooms in Omaha, Nebraska. 
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At Andersen Wood Floors, we take great pride in customizing wood floors that you will love to live on.  

It’s our pleasure to install beautiful, naturally durable wood floors that will add happiness and value to your home, for years to come. 
Andersen Wood Floors provides free estimates and project consultations for homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding metro area. From new floor installation, to refinishing, to repair, our expert craftsmen can create the natural wood floors you have been dreaming about. 
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