Dustless Refinishing


Refinish the hardwood floors in your home without all the dust

For the best Dustless Refinishing service in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area, trust the artisan wood floor experts of Andersen Wood Floors. 

Andersen Wood Floors is a leading wood flooring contractor, refinisher and installer serving homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding communities. Our Dustless Refinishing process for natural, hardwood floors combines the highest-quality products with an unmatched passion to deliver.

Our local, experienced team takes great pride in refinishing your wood floors for happiness you can live on.

Dustless Refinishing Achieves the Highest-Quality Finish

It’s important to maintain your hardwood floors correctly to retain their value and beauty. This includes periodic sanding and refinishing, especially if your hardwood floors see a lot of traffic, or if you have pets and children in your home.

Andersen Wood Floors is happy to offer you a cleaner, healthier, faster method using our Dustless Refinishing process for wood floors. While our traditional sanding process is highly-detailed to leave minimal dust residue, our Dustless Refinishing process achieves the highest-quality finish possible by removing the dust particles that can settle and contaminate the floor as the finish dries. Plus, it leaves your home clean and virtually dust free.

Sick of Dust? 

If you’ve had your hardwood floors refinished using a traditional sanding method, you know that the airborne dust generated can create a mess in your home. Even with protective coverings, not all the dust is contained. Airborne dust can still sneak through, settling onto furniture, windowsills, cupboards, air ducts, and even into your floor’s new finish. Because of the dust created, you and your family might opt to leave your house while the floors are being refinished. This, combined with the days of clean up afterwards, can be a real inconvenience. 

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing eliminates the issues associated with traditional wood floor refinishing by using a dust containment system attached to sanding equipment.

The Benefits of Dustless Refinishing 

  • A cleaner, healthier home. 

    Dustless Refinishing eliminates airborne dust particles, which is a great wood floor refinishing option for people with allergies or asthma.

  • A higher-quality finish. 

    Dustless hardwood floor sanding virtually eliminates the chance that dust will float into the floor finish when it’s drying later in the refinishing process.

  • A faster, tidier project.

    The result is an easier, cleaner and more efficient refinishing process than traditional sanding. The cleanup during and after the project is much more efficient compared to traditional sanding methods.

What You Can Expect

One of the first steps in refinishing hardwood floors is sanding them to remove the old finish, level the floor and remove serious scratches. Final passes are made with finer-sanding tools and buffers, and then your floor is cleaned and prepared for the staining/sealing process.  Andersen Wood Floors offers many color options for hardwood floors, whether you prefer a natural look, or want to match your home’s woodwork, cabinets or furnishings.  

During a Dustless Refinishing project, our expert wood floor refinishers attach powerful vacuums and hoses to the sanding equipment. Utilizing a dust containment system with a double filtration attachment, we sand your hardwood floors to reveal their natural beauty -  the clean, healthy and dust-free way! Airborne dust is contained in a sealed drum to reduce the amount  that would otherwise settle in your home and contaminate your floor’s finish.    

Happiness you can live on.

Bring out the true beauty and elegance of your wood floor with Dustless Refinishing services from Andersen Wood Floors. We look forward to creating beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floors that you and your family will love to live on.




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