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SINCE 1950, everything that Jones Automotive does is centered around your "Comfort, Safety and Convenience."

Cars may have changed a lot since 1950, but you really still want the same things. You need your vehicle to run and drive efficiently in a safe & comfortable manner. You also need to trust people who have always made a living keeping up with the technology. Trust is only earned over time. Jones Automotive has been proving that since 1950.

100 icon smlAs one of the first shops to successfully sell and install auto air conditioning in 1956, Jones Automotive began operating a full service machine shop in the early 1960s. We also purchased a full-line auto parts warehouse in the mid 1960s, when the tradition of our full general repair shop specializing in heating, air conditioning and electrical trouble-shooting began.

Today, the Jones Automotive repair shop draws customers from up to a 75 mile radius for air conditioning repair, regular maintenance, troubleshooting, custom hose fabrications, vehicle servicing, and more. Our technicians can handle every automotive need - from maintaining a classic car, to servicing the high-tech vehicles of today.


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