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“The Tale of Two Old Green Ford Trucks”


Jones Automotive repairs and equips many newer trucks but we also love bringing old trucks back to life!

Truck owners love their trucks “new and old alike”!

The Jones Automotive repair shop sees all ages and conditions of trucks eventually.
At the time of this writing we have two old Ford Trucks in our repair shop. (See pictures above)

The Old Light Green Ford Truck is a 1966 and the
Old Dark Green Ford Truck is a 1977.

The1966 Truck and the 1977 Truck were both towed into our shop due to “no start”.
Both of them had been sitting in storage for several years.

Both trucks originally were equipped with 6 cylinder engines. The 1966 has been converted to a 289 cubic inch V-8.

Both owners just want their truck to be SAFE AND RELIABLE.

Our shop managers consider both trucks a welcome challenge:
A challenge to guide our technicians through diagnosing and correcting:

  • fuel system problems
  • cooling system problems
  • braking system problems
  • suspension problems
  • electrical and lighting problems
  • sound system replacement
  • drive train problems
  • missing and obsolete parts problems

All of these challenges have been met with the tenacity and persistence of our technicians to find the least costly way to complete the repairs and the resourcefulness and persistence of our service advisers to find parts and components necessary to make everything work. From small obsolete fittings and a tailgate in a salvage yard to obsolete leaf springs on Craig’s list to special ordering mechanical fuel pumps or fabricating new brake lines.

Jones Automotive personnel never back down from a challenge! They meet it head on with ingenuity and tenacity!

We love old resurrected trucks as well as refurbished classics!

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